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Looking for Off Road Trails. Here We are offering off road trips to our Customers.

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We offers the Both Private guided and self guided tours to our customers All across the USA.

Lucky Strike OHV Trail

Known with another name Lucky Strike Mine OHV Road. Its 24 KM Long off road trail inside the Red Rock Canyon

Mount Potosi OHV Trail

37 KM Long Off road trails most popular in Las Vegas best for the experienced off roaders. This place is best for the roaders from June to Octobers

Valley of Fire OHV Loop

This one has the 37.8 KM loop. Most of the AREA of full of sand.  Awesome Rock Crawling and Steep Slope makes it best choice for professional roaders.

Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains one of the oldest off road trails in LAS VEGAS. It is Inside Ivanpah Valley adjacent to McCullough and Good springs mountains

Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert is full of beautiful scene  like color full flora and fauna. Apart from it you will see the volcano and steep mountains perfect for the off roaders

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I had amazing experience with the bicycle deport last year.


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James Oliver

I was the part of group tour in LAS Vegas. Experienced the great time in Riding the ATV. Now I am Again planing to ride next year.

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Rosalee Melvin

Rent the ATV for the full day with good discount. Staff was good in dealing. Got my ATV in just half an hour.

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Macie Naquin

Taking you anywhere you can imagine.

You can Enjoy the Riding in the any part of USA with our discounted deals.

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Book a quad ride / quad tour as an experience or voucher now!

Here you can compare numerous quad rental companies / quad tours at a glance to rent a quad online at the best price in your city. You will also find a wide variety of quad models and experiences, so that there is a suitable offer for everyone!

Quad biking is fun for pretty much everyone. Whether old or young, woman or man. Freedom and driving pleasure are very important when driving a quad. If you want to experience the feeling, you don’t have to buy a quad right away. When renting a quad, you have the opportunity to ride the fun device alone or in a group.

A quad is easier to drive than a motorcycle, but it’s a lot more fun than sitting in a car. The quad is an exciting alternative, especially for older people who no longer dare to go on a motorcycle tour. There are even special vehicles for people with physical disabilities. And the kids have fun too. Even children can ride a quad, but they are only allowed on the road from the age of 16. Away from the traffic, however, the trip is often more fun anyway. When renting a quad, there are special offers for families with children.

And driving a quad is by no means only for strong boys. More and more women are discovering the fun of it. And renting a quad together with your partner is an experience that you as a couple will not soon forget. Since quad biking has such a large fan base, a voucher for quad rental is also a special gift idea.

Fun off-road with quad and ATV:

Suzuki sold the first quad in America in 1983. Yamaha and Kawasaki discovered the market a little later. The quad was not only convincing as a pure fun vehicle, it is also used as a work tool and for transport. After their triumph in America, quads and ATVs also conquered USA and other countries. The vehicles are something like four-wheeled motorcycles, off-road and sporty. In USA, quads are usually the lighter machines, sporty and without fairing. The larger models that are often used for work in agriculture and forestry, for example, are called ATVs (all-terrain vehicles). You can have fun off-road and on the road with both variants. There are also countless mixed forms.

Enjoy pure fun when renting a quad:

Even if the purchase price for a quad starts at 2000 $, you should calculate the purchase of a quad carefully. In addition to the acquisition costs, there are taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs. And the equipment for the driver also costs money. Appropriate clothing, helmet and shoes as well as hearing protection drive up the bill. It is cheaper there to rent a quad and enjoy the driving fun straight away. Even those who are seriously thinking about buying their own vehicle can try out a quad rental to see if everything fits.

Incidentally, renting a quad is not just for yourself. You have found a great gift idea with an experience voucher to give away. The Quad Gift Certificate can be redeemed at short notice or on a specific date, depending on your mood and schedule.

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