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Lucky Strike OHV Trail

Known with another name Lucky Strike Mine OHV Road. Its 24 KM Long off road trail inside the Red Rock Canyon

Mount Potosi OHV Trail

37 KM Long Off road trails most popular in Las Vegas best for the experienced off roaders. This place is best for the roaders from June to Octobers

Valley of Fire OHV Loop

This one has the 37.8 KM loop. Most of the AREA of full of sand.  Awesome Rock Crawling and Steep Slope makes it best choice for professional roaders.

Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains one of the oldest off road trails in LAS VEGAS. It is Inside Ivanpah Valley adjacent to McCullough and Good springs mountains

Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert is full of beautiful scene  like color full flora and fauna. Apart from it you will see the volcano and steep mountains perfect for the off roaders

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I was the part of group tour in LAS Vegas. Experienced the great time in Riding the ATV. Now I am Again planing to ride next year.

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Rosalee Melvin

Rent the ATV for the full day with good discount. Staff was good in dealing. Got my ATV in just half an hour.

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Macie Naquin

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ATV, the off-road that can overcome any obstacle

It is called the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) and, in addition to its intimidating appearance, it has abilities such as the ability to move through water, ice, or snow.

The truth is that this 4×4 from the Ukrainian company Atlas Industry looks closer to that of the than to that of any SUV for sale in Spain.

However, its challenging appearance is a result of its spectacular 4×4 capabilities. With a ground clearance of 58 centimeters and 1.65-meter-high wheels that serve as giant floats when moving through water, the ATV is vastly more capable than legendary off-road like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class or Land Rover. Defend.

But the 4×4 capabilities do not end there. This model has the capacity to transport 12 occupants and 1,500 kilos of cargo, steering on both axles and the ability to modify the tire pressure from the cabin, depending on the terrain it is traveling on.

An engine you don’t expect…

One would think that a 2,200-kilogram car designed to travel to the ends of the Earth would incorporate a huge engine… but it doesn’t. In fact, the ATV is powered by the well-known 1.5 dCi engine of Renault origin with 90 hp and 220 Nm of maximum torque.

The performance? The ATV is capable of reaching 60 km/h on land and 7 km/h on water. Although perhaps the most interesting thing is that thanks to its 100 liter tank it has 800 km of autonomy… something tremendously useful for such an extreme vehicle.

The ATV has a starting price of 128,000 $, which can be increased depending on the level of customization requested by the customer. As a guide, the company offers a kit to equip it as a medical vehicle, which includes everything necessary to access extreme places.

For ATV TOUR in USA Here are some spots

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