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Lucky Strike OHV Trail

Known with another name Lucky Strike Mine OHV Road. Its 24 KM Long off road trail inside the Red Rock Canyon

Mount Potosi OHV Trail

37 KM Long Off road trails most popular in Las Vegas best for the experienced off roaders. This place is best for the roaders from June to Octobers

Valley of Fire OHV Loop

This one has the 37.8 KM loop. Most of the AREA of full of sand.  Awesome Rock Crawling and Steep Slope makes it best choice for professional roaders.

Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains one of the oldest off road trails in LAS VEGAS. It is Inside Ivanpah Valley adjacent to McCullough and Good springs mountains

Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert is full of beautiful scene  like color full flora and fauna. Apart from it you will see the volcano and steep mountains perfect for the off roaders

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The adventure of riding a quad to the children

Since the arrival of quads in USA as sports vehicles with their throughout all corners of the geography of our country has been constant. Excursions are organized, it is common to see them circulate along rural roads, there are competitions, they are increasingly present in multi-adventure parks, etc. Quads are not the exclusive domain of adults, children can also enjoy this exciting sport although, yes, compliance with the law regarding the use of these vehicles must be taken into account, as well as the adoption of the necessary safety measures. security and related equipment.

Are mini-quads safe for children?

Any expert in quads or ATVs would assure you convinced that a children’s quad or mini-quad is the best option to start the little ones in driving motor vehicles.

They do not have the balance handicap as occurs with mini motorcycles, which are two-wheeled and require greater skill to drive, and are more suitable for traveling outdoors than other children’s vehicles more adapted to asphalt and with worse cushioning.

However, children should not be neglected when they are on a quad. It is key for the safety of minors that they always circulate under the supervision of an older person and in the appropriate conditions. For example, it would be advisable to avoid slippery surfaces that are generated on rainy days.

Basic precautions:

The first thing that must be made clear to the child is that the quad is not a toy and that it can be dangerous if it is not used responsibly. It is difficult to explain to a child everything that goes into driving a quad, but it is better that they have a certain respect.

Regarding the equipment, if it is not possible to have garments tested and prepared against falls, chafing, cold, water, etc., at least having a raincoat and wellies would be sufficient in principle. As for the protection measures, it is essential to use a helmet approved by the USA, which is also mandatory by law to circulate on all types of quads, and gloves that protect them against chafing from possible falls.

Which mini-quads should they use?

For the initiation of children up to 7 years old, it is recommended to use an initiation quad or mini quad that have current cut-off systems, either by rope or by remote control, to help them learn safely. These are vehicles that do not exceed 150 cc, automatic or with gears but without a clutch, which greatly simplifies things since the children only have to worry about the accelerator and the brake. From the age of 7 you can already increase the size of the quad having the same advantages with the exception of the current breakers.

Where can kids ride a quad:

By law, the circulation of motor vehicles that are not registered and insured is totally prohibited and, as children’s quads do not require a circulation permit, or technical inspection card, or compulsory insurance, or registration plates, their use is restricted to farms or private spaces and circuits also private and enabled for it.

The best rated Quad circuits:

Excursions that run through the middle of the forest between places of incredible natural beauty, guided by specialized and qualified personnel who will teach us how to drive the quad.

In USA in Pismo Beach has had a mini-quads area (electric) for children since 2017. It is a complete circuit of 150 meters in length for boys and girls from 5 to 12 years old, who do not weigh more than 45 kilos for security reasons, and with different levels of travel. The facilities are completely safe and will be supervised at all times by monitors.

In Los Angeles California, is the mini-quad circuit. All the children ride equipped with a helmet and before starting the activity they are explained the operation of the quads as well as the rules of the circuit. There is also the possibility for children to learn road safety education on the circuit, thus combining fun with learning.

Another circuit highly valued by users is located in the Las Vegas and stands out for its ease of layout and for the great team of professionals who take care of children. It is the circuit of the adventure center that is equipped and specialized in the safety of children from five years old. It is open every weekend and on holidays.

The circuit located in (Segovia) has a mini-quad circuit (scale replicas of quads for adults) of 500 meters of sand and curves that allows participants to test their skills. Before the start of the activity, the monitors explain to the children how the vehicle works and how they should behave on the circuit. The activity is completely safe since the children wear a full face helmet and are supervised at all times by the monitors. It is aimed at children between 5 and 11 years old.

There is a circuit for children’s quads aimed at more experienced children who no longer require classes but are looking for new challenges.

The circuit for children’s quads in California, is very popular and it is a 200-meter circuit that is perfectly equipped to guarantee the safety of the little ones, as it is for family use and very appropriate for initiating children. from the age of five.